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a working illustration are fun with bgm

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음악 엔터테인먼트
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Oh, is this fun? A vehicle of the breath of a monkey and the sea because fly, and is accompanied by が moving running !BGM, is fun, and repeat it many times, and can play just to hear it. I take part in cognitive education and the cultivation of aesthetic sensitivity of the child, and there is the Anpan-Man character quiz by "discount", too. In addition, our application becomes the unofficial application of Anpan-Man.
* When you return to a home screen, please come back with "returning" button.
In addition, please list it in a review without reserve if there are "or the refinement that more" such people can enjoy about the application concerned.
The evaluations are happy in total if I can have.
[immunity from responsibility] Our application can be idle free, but, in circumstances running for ad revenue, an advertisement is displayed. Even if an advertisement is clicked a child by mistake, the price may not be caused to a purchase screen.
In addition, I would like the self-responsibility on this occasion because an amount of money may do an outbreak stripe when I purchase the games concerned by the advertisement concerned by oneself.
Because all responsibility cannot owe to our application manager when they deal with the purchase, approve it.